June 1, 2022 - 10:40 AM CET - 30mn

How can digitalisation save the future of packaging?

Change is the only constant to answer the urgent challenges of sustainability. For our common future, we have to have less but better packaging. Digital tools are powerful to support the emergence of a package on its journey all along the value chain. All stakeholders have to be involved and need to have access and control, otherwise, we won’t manage to close the loop and come to effective and responsible solutions.


At DALIM SOFTWARE, we believe in the sustainable future of digital and print content. By putting our passion for innovative technologies into action, we design collaborative software to automate your content marketing operations.


The European DALIM USERS ORGANISATION (EuroDUO) is our preferred event to interact with our community of users and their customers, with whom the stage is often shared. Keynote speakers include international companies and hidden champions alike, influencers, and visionaries.

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