DUO on air
goes on air!
With most of us currently staying home, DALIM SOFTWARE is transforming DUO, its annual conference into a digital experience. In Season Two we will take you from Stuttgart in Germany, through the Alps to Italy, across the "big pond" to New York, through Minnesota and around the globe. Use the opportunity to join our journey through specialised fields of expertise and a variety of creative industries.

You're invited to join any or all of the four episodes of Season Two of DUO on air. Each weekly 50-minute webinar is jam-packed with knowledgeable presentations from inspirational guest speakers, along with product-related insights, and best-practice methodology by worldwide experts.

Season Two, "Do MORE with less" is free for everyone. Episode Three starts June 9th at 5:00pm CET (11am EDT)
Do MORE with less
And many more...